Burruss Hall

The Virginia Tech operations enterprise is the largest senior management area at Virginia Tech. More than 800 employees  are responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of the university's 13,000 employees, 31,000 students, and about 55,000 visitors each year. Additionally, Operations employees maintain more than 125 buildings, 2,600 acres of property, and an airport.

Operations departments include:

  • Business Affairs — Provides support to the university through air transportation services, alternative transportation, fleet services, mail, parking, printing, and copier management. Oversees information technology and business operations management consulting for the division.
  • Emergency Management — Coordinates planning, training, response, and recovery efforts to ensure emergency readiness of the university community. Promotes a culture of preparedness.
  • Environmental Health and Safety — Promotes a safety culture at the university in areas such as biosafety, lab safety, and occupational safety. Provides compliance support, training, and hazardous waste removal.
  • Facilities — Manages planning, construction, design, maintenance, and operational services for buildings, grounds, and utilities. Oversees real estate, university building official, GIS, building space and the Virginia Tech Quarry.
  • Police — Enhances the safety of the university community through effective law enforcement and proactive crime prevention. Oversees the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad.