Planning an Event on the Blacksburg Campus

It is imperative to plan and apply for event approvals as far as possible in advance. Several of the processes described below require up to 45 days’ advance notice.

Before proceeding, review University Policy 5000: Facilities Usage and Event Approval.  This webpage is intended to guide event organizers through the event planning process and assist them in complying with University Policy 5000, but does not supersede any requirements of university policy or the additional requirements of university offices charged with ensuring the safety, security, and health of the campus community. 

Step 1

Does the event have a university sponsor?

University Sponsor 
An officially listed student organization, a university department, or a university-affiliated organization who accepts responsibility for complying with the requirements of section 2.2.2 of University Policy 5000 for a specific event.

All events on campus must have an official university sponsor.  An official university sponsor must be a university department, an officially listed student organization, or a university-affiliated organization.

Note: A contractual agreement with certain university offices (such as Housing and Residence Life Conference and Guest Services, Dining Services, or the Student Engagement and Campus Life Event Services) serves as a form of event sponsorship for purposes of compliance with University Policy 5000.

 No  = Find an official university sponsor.

 Yes = Proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Is the university sponsor an officially-listed student organization?

Officially Listed Student Organization
A student group that has submitted the proper documentation to the Student Centers and Activities Office in accordance with established procedures to obtain the privilege of conducting activities on the Virginia Tech campus in accordance with established policies and procedures

 No  = Proceed to step 3.

 Yes = Contact Student Engagement and Campus Life Event Services for verification of the student organization eligibility (and to confirm the contacts authorized to do business with the university on behalf of each student organization).

Step 3

Will the event occur in a major venue and include contracted performers?

Major venues include:

  • Burruss Hall Auditorium

  • Cassell Coliseum

  • Graduate Life Center Auditorium & Multi-Purpose Room

  • Johnston Student Center

  • Lane Stadium

  • Outdoor Public Spaces

  • Rector Field House

  • Squires Student Center

  • War Memorial Gym

 No (to both)  = Proceed to step 4.

 Yes (to one, but not the other) = No special action required. Contact Student Engagement and Campus Life Event Services for questions regarding major venues or Procurement for questions regarding contracting of performers.

 Yes (to both) = Review University Policy 8215: Major Entertainment Sponsorship and, if appropriate, contact Student Engagement and Campus Life Event Services.

Step 4

Does the event have a venue reservation?

Venue Reservation
Written confirmation that a university sponsor has scheduled a specific university space with the appropriate university scheduling office for a specific event or date and time.

 Yes = Proceed to step 5.

 No  = Contact the university scheduling office responsible for the space you wish to reserve.

University Scheduling Office
A Virginia Tech office/department that has been delegated (by the Vice President for Administration) the general responsibility for scheduling specific university space(s).

Note: In accordance with University Policy 5000, all university scheduling offices are required to register certain events that occur in their spaces in 25Live, the university's system of record for events and academic space management. University sponsors must provide information that certifies compliance with certain requirements in the steps below.  If a university sponsor or event organizer does not provide information necessary for completing registration of the event in a timely manner, the university scheduling office may cancel the venue reservation. Questions about 25Live, including those related to system access, should be directed to

Step 5

Does the event involve overnight occupancy of a university facility?

Overnight Occupancy
When event attendees, but not necessarily students or employees acting in an individual capacity, will be present in 1) any campus residence hall for lodging purposes or 2) any other university facility between the normal closing and opening times of the facility.  Any potential changes or exceptions to normal closing and opening times of facilities necessary to accommodate events should be discussed by the university sponsor with the university scheduling office and the Virginia Tech Police Department.

 No  = Proceed to step 6.

 Yes = Will the overnight occupancy occur outside a residence hall?

Step 6

Does the event require security services?

 No  = Proceed to step 7.

 Yes or not sure = Contact the Virginia Tech Police Department.

Step 7

Does the event require an emergency preparedness plan?

 No = Proceed to step 8.

 Yes or not sure = contact the Virginia Tech Emergency Management.

Step 8

Does the event require trained crowd managers?

More than 1,000 expected attendees.

 No or satisfied by step 6 (security services) = Proceed to step 9.

 Yes or not sure = Contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Step 9

Does the event require insurance?

 No = Proceed to step 10.

 Yes or not sure = Contact the Office of Risk Management.

Step 10

Does the event require any special permits (including but not limited to the following items)?

 No = Proceed to step 11.

 Yes or not sure = Contact the appropriate office from the list above or Student Engagement and Campus Life Event Services.

Step 11

Does the event involve minors?

A child under the age of eighteen(18) who is not enrolled or accepted for enrollment at the university.

 No = Proceed to step 12.

 Yes = Provide documentation exhibiting compliance with University Policy 4815 to the university sponsor.

Step 12

Does the event involve alcohol?

 No = Proceed to step 13.

 Yes = Provide documentation exhibiting compliance with University Policy 1015 to the Virginia Tech Police Department.

Step 13

Does the event involve amplification?

 No = Proceed to step 14.

 Yes = Does your event require an exception to the university's amplification guidelines? (Section 2.7.2 of University Policy 5000)

Step 14

Does the event involve sales, solicitation, and/or advertising?

 No = Proceed to step 15.

 Yes = Review University Policy 5215. Questions?

Step 15

Does the event involve vehicles (including electric/gas utility-type vehicles)?

 No = Proceed to step 16.

 Yes = Review University Policies 5005 and 5501, the parking and traffic regulations, and Office of Risk Management's insurance requirements. Provide documentation of insurance compliance if necessary to Office of Risk Management. Questions or requests for exceptions?

Step 16

Will the event involve food service/distribution (including catering, food trucks, or food kiosks?)

 No = Proceed to step 17.

 Yes = Review and comply with University Policies 3006, Catering and 5801, Mobile Food Vendors, as well as the requirements of the Montgomery County Health Department.

Step 17

Does the event involve animals?

 No = Proceed to step 18.

 Yes = Are the animals being used for teaching and/or research purposes, or is the event limited to service animals? (Section 2.7.5 of University Policy 5000)

Service Animals
Any dog (or under particular circumstances a miniature horse) that meets the definition of “Service Animal” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) regulations, and that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. The work or tasks performed must be directly related to the individual’s disability.

  •  Yes = Proceed to step 18.

  •  No = Contact the university scheduling office to request an exception from the appropriate dean(s) and/or vice president(s).

Step 18

Does the reserved space have any additional specific use guidelines?

 No = Proceed to step 19.

 Yes = Comply with additional guidelines, then proceed to step 19.

Step 19

Congratulations! Your event appears to have complied with university policies and procedures related to events on campus. Consult University Policy 5000 or Student Engagement and Campus Life Event Services with further questions.